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The basics are simple, getting out is hard.

Escape in 60 minutes

You are locked in a room with your group and your goal is to manage to get out within 60 minutes.

Look around

You need to use all the resources and clues you find available in the room. Every object, every image, every sign could lead you to the next step and play a role in finding your way out.

Use your mind

By using your mind and your group’s collective intelligence you must make sense of all the information and make your way through the storyline so as to not get stuck and manage to exit the room before the time runs out.

Ask for help

If you get stuck at a certain point, don’t panic, you can ask for clues, but bear in mind that this can be done only a certain number of times throughout the game, in accordance with the number of players in your group (for a group of 5 people, you get a maximum of 2 clues).


The game can be played by groups of 2 to 5 people, the minimum age requirement being 15 (there is no upper age limit, you can bring grandma’ out for a good time)

Engaging experience

Unlike any other escape room though, Breakout offers the most interactive and engaging experience by bringing you into a world of mystery where every aspect of the story has been carefully designed so as to become a memory you will never forget!

About us

If you’re reading this you probably heard about escape rooms and already know what they’re all about. Chances are you might have even tried one or two around the city or where you’ve travelled. But no matter what you’ve tried, or where you tried it... nothing can measure up to the Breakout experience! Join us and get ready for one full hour of non-stop adrenaline and excitement. Face our unique challenges and test your skills in one of our rooms which have been crafted from scratch to cater even to the most exigent of minds.

Enter a world of mystery and try to escape from our never before seen scenarios. Each room has been designed to immerse you into a story that will captivate you and keep you thrilled long after you have played it. Unlock all the secrets and race against the clock to make it into our Hall of Fame and secure your place among the victors.

Do you think you have what it takes?

The Batcave

Gotham city is under attack. The Joker and his henchmen have broken out of Arkham Asylum and they have set free all the other prisoners to wreak havoc on the city!
The first place that they have decided to target is the caped crusader’s hideout, The Batcave, and seek revenge on the one that has imprisoned all of them years ago.
After murdering Alfred, Bruce Wayne’s faithful butler and close friend, the group of villains have set a series of traps and evil games in the Dark Knight’s hideout to hold him captive.
It is time for Bruce Wayne to once again put on the mask and become Batman, the hero Gotham needs, and escape from his hideout to apprehend the Joker and his allies, bringing justice to the city!


Difficulty level

Capacity: 2-6 persons
Minimum age: 14 years

Fast & Furious
The Garage

Manhattan, New York. Letty has been kidnapped by a mercenary named Shadow, seeking revenge, and Dominic and Brian need to get her back.
The only way in which Shadow will release Letty is if Dom and the gang manage a series of heists in the most heavily guarded banks in New York. They are faced with an impossible situation and must cover their robberies under the guise of an illegal street car race.
You and your team are part of Dom’s crew and you need to fix one of the damaged cars before the race, steal 3 other super-cars from an Upper East Side parking lot and make it to the race to execute the heists.
Do you think you can do this until the night ends??


Difficulty level

Capacity: 2-6 persons
Minimum age: 14 years

Pirates of the Caribbean:
The Flying Dutchman

From the depths of the sea a ship rises with a skeletal figure spearheading its bow, striking fear into the hearts of the bravest of sailors. The dreaded ship, The Flying Dutchman makes sail once again, led by its fierce captain.
Davy Jones once was a man, but he was cursed by the woman he loved to roam the seas and ferry the souls of the damned to the other side for eternity.
A most precious artifact has been stolen from his ship, and now he wants it back. You were one of the pirates that stole from Jones’ locker, but you were left behind when the Dutchman’s crew discovered you.
Now you must find your way within the ship and manage to escape before the time runs out and you become part of Davy Jones’ undead crew... forever!


Difficulty level

Capacity: 2-6 persons
Minimum age: 14 years

Jack the Ripper

London, 1888. The body of another woman has been found on a dark alley in the Whitechapel neighborhood. This is the fifth in a series of ghastly murders that have terrified the city and have brought the police force to its knees.
The killer, which the papers have named "Jack the Ripper" is still at large and many think that he will strike again in the next few nights.
You are the lead detective on the case and your investigation has lead you to believe that the murderer is one of three suspects residing on Ashburn Road in West London.
Under the cover of night you have gone alone to discover the true identity of Jack before he strikes again. But will you be able to stop the monster in time? Will you be able to discover Jack's identity before the night is over? The clock is ticking...


Difficulty level

Capacity: 2-6 persons
Minimum age: 14 years


What if I get stuck on a puzzle?

A staff member will be monitoring your progress on a webcam (not recorded), ready to provide you with clues when needed.

What do I need to bring with me?

All you need is a working brain.

Can we play the same room more than once?

No. If you fail a room you will be shown how to escape and will no longer be able to play that room again. If you succeed, try your skills in the other room.

What time should I arrive?

Please try to arrive 10 minutes before your booked session for your briefing and introduction.

How can I book one of your rooms?

You can do it by using our online form or by calling +40 756 033 484.

How can I pay?

Payment can be done in cash, before starting the game.


*Special Student Offer: Monday-Friday 20% off.



Contact us

Address: Str. General Nicolae C. Dona nr. 18, Bucuresti
Phone: 0756 033 484   |   0749 074 963
E-mail: info@break-out.ro
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