Manhattan, New York. Letty has been kidnapped by a mercenary named Shadow, seeking revenge, and Dominic and Brian need to get her back.
The only way in which Shadow will release Letty is if Dom and the gang manage a series of heists in the most heavily guarded banks in New York. They are faced with an impossible situation and must cover their robberies under the guise of an illegal street car race.
You and your team are part of Dom’s crew and you need to fix one of the damaged cars before the race, steal 3 other super-cars from an Upper East Side parking lot and make it to the race to execute the heists.
Do you think you can do this until the night ends?
Once you enter Fast & Furios – The Garage, you will be pleasantly impressed by what you will see inside (we prefer to keep the surprise in this regard), but also by the diversity of the puzzles. The challenges are designed to test, besides the logic, the coordination and precision of the team members, so, as a first hint, play as a team! An escape room highly appreciated by customers.


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Game type: Linear
Teamwork: 7/10
Experience level: Mediu
Degree of mechanization: 8/10
Best time: The Uncontainables –  17’55”
Duration: 1 hour
Number of players: 2-6
Minimum age: 14 years
Children under 14 years of age can play only as part of adult teams

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